Introduction to DDR4

What the heaven is the DRR4and why it is use in  Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Smartphones and Tablets. Is that a Major Breakthrough in Technology, NO, Not all so Why the goodness of heaven we are hearing DRR4 is mind blowing indeed it is Even not a Major Breakthrough in Technology Domain. DDR4 is the successor to DDR3 Which came out in 2007.

What DRR4 Stand for:

Double Data Rate Fourth Generation Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory, Isn’t it to long to remember the full name of DDR4 , Who the heaven cares what really DDR4 stand for unless you are going to sit in the CompTIA A+ exam.

DDR4 is the Successor to the DRR3, It is the latest RAM in computing  which is had achieve really higher speed and efficiency but How:

How DDR4 Had Achieve Efficiency and Higher Speed   

DDR4 HAD increased transfer rates and decreased voltage,  DDR4 use 1.2 Volts compared to 1.5 Volts of DDR3 RAM, Which is an significant amount of voltage drop; if you do the Math’s, you get the result which is DDR4 had 20 % less volts , Which will not run very efficiently but also will reduce the overall electricity cost in your home desktop, in servers room which can save up to millions of dollars if Facebook severs use DDR4 instead of DDR3 and final it will provide you longer battery life on laptops which will be using DDR4 SODIMM in the result of lower voltage require for the DDR4 RAM to operate.

The First DDR4 Ever

DDR4 Project Started in 2005 but first ever DDR4 RAM was manufactured by South Korean giant Samsung and announced in January 2011 and was released on September 2012 but even backed in 2012 we couldn’t buy DDR4, Do any one saw it newegg or amazon was selling Samsung DRR4 RAM, the answer is No.

DDR4 VS DDR3: Hmmm, Mama a RAM War is Gonne Start

DDR4 RAM had the transfer speed rate of 2133 MT/s Which is the Minimum and the Maximum transfer speed is 4266 MT/s Which was Unveiled by G.Skill backed in IDF13 San Francisco but at this point we can’t get anything higher than 3333MHz With 1.35v made by G.Skill.

DDR3 RAM had the transfer speed rate of 800 MT/s which is the Minimum and the Maximum transfer speed is 2133 MT/s.

Due to increase in the DDR4 speed over DDR3 which allow hardware developers to produce more powerful processors and more powerful devices which will be fully utilize the speed bump in DDR4 over DDR3 RAM.

DDR4 RAM is not compatible with DDR3 or any other RAM out there due to the difference in voltages, pins and the architecture.

DDR4 RAM for Desktop’s

For using DDR4 RAM, You need a new Motherboard and a New Processor which is currently only made by intel which are Haswell-E processors for Desktop which are supported by the new X99 chipset are: i7 5820K , i7 5930K and i7 5960X which is an 8 cores with 16 threads which basically mean the computer will see as 16 cores rather than 8 cores and will provide you the performance of 16 cores.

DDR4 RAM for Server’s

Haswell-EP Processors from Intel are for DDR4 RAM support which is the world fastest processors Xeon E5-2699 V3 with 18 Cores, 36 Threads and 45 MB L3 Cache which come at a whopping price point $4115.

AMD Do Not Have Anything for DDR4 at This Moment

To be honest with you, AMD will begin the support of DDR4 at the end of 2014 which mean we can’t expect any DDR4 AMD processor sooner than early 2016 or late 2015, AMD Processors sell due to the lower price point compare to intel, DDR4 16GB RAM kit is coming at around $250 and AMD high end processor FX-8350 which is an 8 core Vishera processor clocked at 4.0GHz with max turbo of 4.2 GHz cost at only $180.

Desktops build by using AMD processors are the main reason due to AMD Computer build cost is lower overall compare to Intel. AMD had solid point not to make DDR4 processor unless the DDR4 price drop

DDR4 for Laptop’s

The biggest drawback in the laptops is the battery life of it and upcoming Window 9 laptops will ship with DDR4 So-DIMMs which is the same DDR4 with 260 pins compare to the desktop DDR4 RAM with 288 pins, DDR4 So-DIMMs for will reduce 20% of power consumption which will result in a longer battery life.

DDR4 for Smartphone’s & Tablet’s

DDR4 on laptops will result in longer battery but on smartphones or tablets it will not only offer extra battery juice but it will make standard of minimum RAM of 4GB on a smartphones or tablets because DDR4 start at 4GB capacity at the lowest so just imagine your normal smartphones or tablets will come with 4GB or 8GB RAM which do excellent in multitasking stuff and will reduce the lag to zero.

Snapdragon 810 will be the first mobile (smartphones & tablets) processor which will require DDR4 RAM to operate.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 from Planet X

Indeed it will sound very wired but it really seem true Snapdragon 810 processor will be a game changer processor for how use our mobile devices, Snapdragon 810 processor  the real 64 bit computing on its whopping  8 CPU cores which is design for advance gaming which will put XBOX ONE and PS4 to shame , not only that, Snapdragon 810 processor will give you real time live streaming 4K Ultra HD video with DSLR images  due to Snapdragon 810 processor can use up to 55 megapixels sensor , till now only window phone  nokia lumia 1020 had the largest 41 megapixels sensor.

Finally you can get the DDR4 Memory Kit in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB kits (4GB per stick or 8GB per stick) and some price information; you can just see it’s very expansive right now for a 16GB kit.

CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 16GB (4 x 4GB) 288- = $384.99

Crucial 16GB (4 x 4GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 2133 (PC4-17000) = $ $208.99

The main problem at the time of writing is recommendation, should I recommend you to buy DDR4 , No ,the main problem is not only the price , but also the overall cost; you need a new processor which the most cheapest for DDR4 is i7 5820K cost at $390 and a new DDR4 motherboard  for around $200 for an entry level DDR4 motherboard , if you are AMD Fan boy than there is no luck for you , currently we don’t have any processor and motherboard for DDR4 in the market, even we don’t have any solid rumors about AMD is planning for the DDR4 RAM, it will take them a year or 2 before they fully start implementing DDR4 RAM on their CPUs, until than we have to stick with intel x99 chipset whether you like it or hate it.

Do  Not Buy DDR4 RAM Until Early 2016

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