USB 3.1 Will Replace HDMI

USB 3.1 is the next big thing because it had double the read and write bitrate speed to 10Gbps from 5Gbps / sec of USB 3.0 which was released back in November 2008.
USB is an acronym for Universal Serial Bus Universal Serial Bus which first launch in 1997, it main purpose was to provide a better way of communication and power supply between computers and small electronic devices of its era like PDA.

History of USB

Back in 1997 , before USB 1.0 was launch we use to use Serial port which was very slow at the time and the Parallel port(IEEE 1284) which had the speed up to 16 Mb/sec.
When USB 1.0  came , its speed was only 1.5 Mb /sec at low speed and 12 Mbit/sec for full speed. Just a year before USB was launch, FireWire(IEEE 1394) also know as FireWire 400 connector was launch which provided the whopping speed of its time 400 Mbps/ sec but it  the saw first day light in 1999 when Apple was the first company to use the FireWire connector in its Macintosh computer.

USB 1.1 was an revised version of USB 1.0 which was launched in 1998 and become widely adopted before the much fastest FireWire can.

FireWire vs USB

The game change and the battle started when both USB 2.0 and FireWire improved version Which was called FireWire IEEE 1394a connector or simply Firewire 400 which both came in 2000 the year of a new millennium.
USB 2.0 was offering the speed of 480 Mbit/sec and Firewire 400 improved version than original FireWire was still offering 400 Mbit/sec. At the time USB  Was offering slow speed and FireWire was offering 33 times the speed of USB in 1997 but in 2000 USB 2.0 had superseded Firewire 400 with 80 more Mbps / sec speed.

FireWire 800 was the solution to get crush USB 2.0 which came in 2002, its called FireWire because it double the speed of FireWire 400) 400 Mbit/sec to 800 Mbit/sec. This New FireWire was also know as IEEE 1394b.

But at the end USB finally crashed FireWire 800 in 2008 by coming out with USB 3.0 which offer 5 Gbps / sec, this was the new era of USB , Geeks started using bootable OS like linux with USB 3.0 flash drives due to its fastest read and write speed. USB 3.0 had become a main standard in communicating and powering between computers and smart electronic devices.


USB 3.1 at 10 Gbps / sec

The new USB version 3t.1 had doubled the speed of USB 3.0 version 5 Gbps tp 10 Gbps / Sec. Here where HDMI enters, HDMI Which stand for High-Definition Multimedia Interface is an AV Digital cable which provide digital audio and video in an single 7 pin connector, today we are using HDMI 1.4 which can offer up to 18 Gbps / sec bitrate speed.

HDMI is an  proprietary connector where you need to play the I royalty fees to use and for using USB connector you do not need to pay. For the end user to pat $0.15 per HDMI connector and $10,000 for  licensing fee to use HDMI connector on devices need to pay by manufacture per year.

Asus Show USB Miracle

But do not worry, HDMI 2 is coming soon but it won’t increase any bitrate speed. HDMI 2 major feature will be native 60 fps 4K support.h

Here is where USB 3.1 try to act like HDMI, USB 3.1 will act as a AV Display Port,back in 2014 Computex 2014 fair in Taipei the world biggest computers fair in the world had shown us ASUS HD Portable USB 3.0 Powered Monitor which is called ASUS MB MB168B+.

This ASUS HD Portable USB 3.0 monitor worked amazingly great with no lag at all with 5 Gbps /sec bitrate and now we have the double bitrate to 10 Gbps with 3.1 version, we are going to see more and more USB Powered monitors. ASUS MB MB168B+ was not successful but it had proven the point that we can use USB over HDMI to display stuff on our display with no problem.
In coming years USB 4 will be a standard of displaying 4K content to us, we don’t have any solid bitrate speed proof but all we know is it will be somewhere from 100 Gbps to 400 Gbps / sec. USB 4 will be build in mind with as an replacement of HDMI.

USB technology had come a long way to today world and tomorrow world with Internet of Things (IoT).USB will be the main single connector which will be use everywhere on all things.
USB 3.1 will crush all other data and already old AV connector like VGA and DVI and it will take sometime for USB 3.1 to replace HDMI if it can’t this generation than it will BE replace by it USB 4 without doubt.

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