How to Remove Shopper-Pro Virus

If your Computer is running very slow and you don’t know what is causing it to slow down than it’s the time to find the virus and remove it. We will use the Most Famous Virus Shopper-Pro in this “How To Remove”

Shopper-Pro is a virus which creates Popup which make your web browser to slow down but Not only it slow down your web browser , it also slow down the entire computer system. Shopper-Pro tries to get your attention by posting tons and tons of Popup ads plus at the same time it use all your CPU resources  to 100%.

Shopper-Pro is an application which tries to infiltrate your computers which are unseen to the user and then try to do various computer system changes.

Shopper-Pro try to enter by freeware and shareware when you a download free software over the Internet.

How to Detect the Virus

It is very simple to find which application is slowing down your computer.

1.  Just Right click on the Window Toolbar and Click Task Manager

2. Click Process Tab and Sort it by CPU Tab Not Memory Tab

Shopper-Pro Virus in Task Manager

You Can Clearly See the Shopper-Pro is using the most CPU usage, for further more investigation in the virus Open Resources Monitor

3. Click Performance Tab in the Task Manager and Click Resources Monitor Button under the System information

Resources Monitor

In the CPU Overview, You can clearly see Shopper-Pro is using the most CPU power so Now is the time to remove the Shopper-Pro Virus

How to Remove Shopper-Pro Virus  

You can try removing Shopper-Pro Virus from Control Panel but you will fail so now let’s download the right tool remove such a deeply installed virus from your computer.

1. Download Revo Uninstaller , the Freeware Version from Uninstaller Website

2. Scroll Down to the bottom of the website and Click Revo Uninstaller Freeware Portable Download ButtonDownload Revo Uninstaller

3. Download WinRAR 32bit Version or  64bit Version

2. You Must Have a WinZip or WinRAR Install in Your Computer an Drag and the Drop “revouninstaller-portable” Folder to Your Desktop


4. Open the “revouninstaller-portable” and Click Revouninstaller.exe

Open Revo Uninstaller

Run Revo Uninstaller

5. Find or Type the Virus Name into it Which is Revo Uninstaller in the Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller Search

6. Right Click on the Revo Uninstaller and Click Uninstall

Revo Uninstaller Uninstall

7. Click Yes

Revo Uninstaller Unistall Yesjpg

8. Choose the Moderate mode and Click Next

Revo Uninstaller Unistall Yes2

9. Wait for while it’s Complete its 4 Removing Steps and Click Next

Revo Uninstaller Unistall Yes3

10. It Will Scan the Leftover of Shopper-Pro Virus

Revo Uninstaller Unistall Yes4

11. Carefully Select All the Shopper-Pro Named Registry and Click Delete All

Revo Uninstaller Unistall Yes5

12. Again Select Shopper-Pro Registry

Revo Uninstaller Unistall Yes6

13. In this Case You Can Click Select All than Click Delete

Revo Uninstaller Unistall Yes7

14. It Will Delete the Remaining Files Next Time After You Restart  Your Computer

Revo Uninstaller Unistall Yes8

15. Click Next and It Will Say Finish and Restart Your Computer

Revo Uninstaller Unistall Yes9

16. Reset All Setting of Your Web Browser’s, its Better You Uninstall and Install the Web Browser’s Again

So This is the Quick and Easiest Way to Remove a Computer Slowing Virus


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