How to Do Hacking – The Beginner’s Guide

Hacking is the Thing Everyone wants to learn and wants to become a hacker these days. Still they really don’t know what hacking is all about. Hacking can be define in 3 categories Black hat hacking, Grey hat hacking and White hat hacking.

Black Hat Hacking

Let’s Start with Black Hat, from the name you should already know it’s about doing the black illegal stuff on the internet, it can range from compromising the computer systems security to taking the money, it’s can be about  Money or Revenge , if you caught doing  black hat hacking than rest of your life could be end up in prison.

White Hat Hacking

What about the good hackers out there, they are called white hat hackers; they do white hacking in any format.

Most of times white had hackers will hire by companies to do penetration testing which is basically hacking to find out the vulnerabilities that a black hat hacker can hack into, in short white hat hackers are the good  guys compare to the black hat hackers which are the evil hackers.

Grey Hat Hacking

In this world, there is nothing fully black or white , that same goes for the hackers who  do hacking, that is called Grey hat hacking , the grey line between black and white.

Grey hat hackers usually don’t hack for revenge or gaining money like the Black hat hackers always say

“I Don’t Have Money But The Banks Have a Lot of Money Than It’s My Right to Hack The Banks”.

Grey hat hacking try to do the grey hat hacking to find out the systems vulnerabilities without the permission of the user, whether it is a bank or a small business network, or even sometime by mistake they hack into it.

3 Things to Know Before Start Hacking

For all 3 types of hacking whether it is black hat hacking, white hat hacking or grey hat hackings yon need to have sufficient knowledge of Linux, Computer Networks and Programming which include Python Scripting and PHP.

1. Computer Network Hacking

For Computer Network, you need to take the CompTIA Network+ exam in which the exams covers 5 main domain areas which are:

1. Network Concepts (21%)

2. Network Installation and Configuration (23%)

3. Network Media and Topologies (17%)

4. Network Management (20%)

5. Network Security (19%)

2. Linux Hacking

For learning Linux it’s Better you study for CompTIA Linux+ Exam but you need to the take CompTIA Network+ exam or you need a solid understanding in computer networks

It has 2 exams in which the exams covers 5 main domain areas which are:

1. Installation and Configuration (22%)

2. System Maintenance and Operation (28%)

3. Application and Services (23%)

4. Networking (14%)

5. Security (13%)

Just buy a cheap netbook or laptop and install Linux and also buy any CompTIA Linux+ book, that’s all you need, within 2 months time frame you will be ready to take the exam.

3. Scripting Hacking

Finally you need to Learn Scripting language Which is Python and PHP Programming, you need to buy some books and starting coding it every day at least 1 hour a day.

Use Sam Teach Your Self Python or PHP in 24 Hours Books , it will teach you programming  in 24 days, use hour a day.

So Properly That’s All is the Basic Foundation to Get in to Hacking.


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