First Pakistani Who Did the Nanodegree in the World

Intro to Programming Nanodegree Certificate - Umair Ramay the First Pakistan Who Did the Nanodegree
I was a bit disappointed when I received no coverage from Pakistani media for my achievement. Pakistani media had covered the news when Udacity and Google launched the Nanodegree program in India.

I had completed the Programming Nanodegree Which is offer by Udacity and co-created by Google but I’m the first Pakistani in the world who done the Nanodegree.

The Beginning of a Change

I graduated from Nanodegree last year on 11-May-2015 and I was even hired by Udacity as Guide Coach for the Nanodegree students where I taught via a video conferencing. So you will be thinking what is really a Nanodegree, is it a replacement for 4 years computer science degree or just a certificate ? To be honest the answer lies between a full time degree and a certificate, Nanodegree is offer as a MOOC and its stand for Massive Open Online Course which is a revolutionary education way of learning the education from around the world from best education providers for free and very little fees for a verified certificate.
There is a huge demand for programmers and developers which can get the work done even they do not had a traditional university education. Nanodegree is a vocational certificate which is base on your portfolio which helps to secure a job ones you graduated from the Nanodegree.Umair Ramay is Wearing Programming Nanodegree Graduate Shirt

1 Million Demand for Coders

By 2020 we need 1 million programmers in the world but the problem we are facing is lack of good programmers and coders. Our traditional education system had failed because its expansive,too much time consuming and very little knowledge in return so the future of the education is in MOOC.
There is not a single Pakistan university offering a MOOC Course right now but sadly the IIMB (Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore) is offering dozens of MOOCs courses on eDx platform.

Pakistan The IT Superpower By 2025 ?

Ahsan Iqbal the Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms said Pakistan will become a Mini Superpower by 2025 in technology but my question is how because we need passionate Pakistani’s to take lead by come into coding and building Tech Startups. The world is outsourcing software development to India but why not to Pakistan because we are not coming forward and taking the lead. If you think you can learn by going to university than you are wrong and will always remain behind the race of technology and software.

Pakistani DunyaNews Blog & Tribune Blog Refused to Publish My Article

I had wrote a guest blog post for DunyaNews Blog which is the article but they refused me by saying its a self promoting and same with The Express Tribune Blog. My simple question to them is when peoples express their opinion whether its right or wrong than why can’t I Who is promoting self education. This is the sad part of Pakistani media because they can complain whole the problems Pakistan facing but not ready offer a positive change which is my learning. On every book which I bought I always write: Learn Until Die.

If you want to do something in life than stop looking for praises and start fighting for it because life is a war. To be honest I don’t care what peoples think about Nanodegree but for me is a life changer.

Never Stop Coding

If you are just starting out in coding but frustrated and at the edge of giving up than i will say remind your self the reward which you will get after the success, like when I graduated from Programming Nanodegree than Udacity send me a alumni parcel which not only makes me happy but also motivate me to do more in life. So in short never stop learning and if you are like me without a degree than self learning is a must for you.
Udacity Send Me a Parcel
Google will be very happy to launch the Nanodegree program in Pakistan if we show them our courage to learn and build Pakistan software infrastructure so Act Now and start learning by any methods which can teach you, it can be by books, MOOC,online courses,etc. Lastly I don’t want to be remain only the first and only Pakistani who graduated from Nanodegree.

Jimmy a Geek

Jimmy a Geek is a Tech Geek Which is Me, I Write and Talks About Whats Going on Currently in Technology Field and How to Be Successful in IT. I Was Born as a Geek. For Years I m Doing Computer’s But Now I m an Web Engineer and eCommerce Developer. I Started in IT Which I Called it Computer’s Back Than in 1999. My Father Give Me a Pentium II PC Which Get Me Started in Computers But Latter I Went into Development Started with Java BuT End Up in PHP, From There I Started the True Web Engineering.


  1. dear sir.i am one of veiwers of your youtube channel.i like your videos.i am living in saudi arabia and working in a construction my free time i am learning web designing.aje mein ne app ki article mein pakistani media ore is ki covrege ki bary mein parah to bhoot afsoos keh sakta hoon.afsoos just afsoos.i know there is a big problem in pakistani media but i dont know the solution of the problem. with best regards.azmat hussain

  2. Brother this is year 2017 and your views are so 1917.
    Did you study in Pakistan?
    What’s the role of Pakistan in making you what you are today?

    If there is then they must give you coverage but now you studied abroad and belongs to Hong Kong so why should they waste time on you?

    Its quite funny.
    If you want coverage then please come to Pakistan and achieve something here then show the world that you are first Pakistan to do that thing and we will proudly own you. 🙂

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