Why Rwanda is Best Country to Start a Business in Africa ?

Africa continent is know for the poorest countries on earth and many entrepreneurs think that starting a business is not worth in Africa. There are 54 African countries and some of are still untouched markets such as the Madagascar, Ghana and many more.

There is also a problem for payment system which lack in Africa and most rely on mobile payment but it is not secure for large transaction of money. But now the time had change due to the rising middle class purchasing powers. Also the Banks are now offering credit cards which can be use for the online payment which bring the wave of ecommerce businesses.

Africa countries are rising opportunities market but before you start investing you need to do you research. Now the question is which is the Low Risk/High Opportunities country to start a small business and what type of a small business with small amount of capital to start.

The answer to the question is  Rwanda which was one of the poorest country in the world back in 1990s and today it is call the heart of Africa thanks to better governance and security.

You can easily register your business with Rwanda Development Board and apply the Investor Visa which have no minimum investment requirement. In Rwanda there is a lot of demand of ladies dresses, shoes and hair wigs in retail sector. Also you can invest in a paper bag making factory which you can start with $10,000 USD. Plastic bags are ban in Rwanda so if you can supply the paper bags to grocery stores than it will help you to become rich quick in short period of time  but also you can supply the  paper bags to neighboring countries such as Uganda and Burundi.

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