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KAIST Campus South Korea

Want to Know About Me; I m an True Tech Geek. Technology is My Passion , You Can Say That Technology is in My Bloody.

I Was Born as a Geek. For Years I m Doing Computer’s But Now I m an Web Engineer and eCommerce Developer.

I Started  in IT Which I Called it Computer’s Back Than in 1999. My Father Give Me a Pentium II PC Which Get Me Started after 1 year it Stopped Working than I Start Repairing it But I Failed.

That Failure Was the Beginning of My Freelance PC Repair. I Had Repaired Tons and Tons of PC Till 2007 When PC Repair Business Was Declining Which Force Me to Come in to Development.

When I Went into Development  Started with Java BuT End Up in PHP, From There I Started the True Web Engineering.

I m Standing out KAIST The World Most Advance Tech University, KAIST is Famous for Web Engineering and Robotics.

Jimmya Geek in Tiger Temple Kanchanaburi ThailandMy Hobbies are Traveling and Just Going on Adventure, I m With an Real Sleeping Tiger in Thailand on Left and I m With Thai Police Over the  Bridge on the River Kwai, Kanchanaburi

The Bridge on the River Kwai


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  3. Good work man.. anyway I saw you post a comment about u wanting a business partner in Ghana. You can mail me thanks.

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  5. I want to ask about career in IT. I actually done computer hardware & networking diploma of 18 month from local . I did this after 12th passed. but main thing is that i want to make career in IT and also want to take degree in IT field . but I am not understanding what degree should i do . and what certification should i do simultaneously with degree. I am confusing please guide me.
    (can you give me your contact no. so that i talk with you couple of minute) i am big fan of you.

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